Our Story

Schäffler’s is a family run business owned by Anthony and Christine Schäffler. We have become a well-known destination in Johannesburg for those seeking a peace of greenery in the urban jungle.


The umbrella of green services offered at Schäffler’s includes Professional Design & Landscaping ServiceIrrigation, Koi & Water Gardens and a Garden Café with a Gift Shop. Ntombi from Izipho Flowers is our on-site florist and she will tend to all your florist needs.

Schäffler’s has been changing and growing as an established name in the industry for over 25 years. We strive for environmentally friendly approaches to gardening, natural products, and organic methods.

We have long-standing staff that delivers sound knowledge to the many services offered and have happy, regular customers as a result.  Schäffler’s  aims to provide the community with a special green space to relax in and enjoy where pets are welcome and the vibe is friendly and relaxed

Sesonal Gardening Tips with Schäffler's!

Every month in the garden is different. Make sure your garden is in tip-top condition all year round with our garden care tips below!


Seasonal Garden Tips!

July is time for rose pruning! Click the link below to read about when, how and why you need to prune your roses.