Thembalami Care Centre

The various Rand Aid retirement villages across Gauteng offer frail care for those in need. The Thembalami Care Centre in Lombardy East cares for the elderly who are in dire need of 24 hour nursing care.  Rand Aid approached us with the view of enhancing and creating an interactive community space. 


Themed Gardens


At the core of our design process was the the residents themselves. In order to get residents more mobile, we designed and implemented five differently “themed” gardens on the premises. Within the themed gardens, walkways allow for accessibility for the residents to explore and become more active.

The landscape comprises of a Japanese-styled garden,  a Woodland garden, an English Country Courtyard, a lush Tropical layout and an indigenous water-wise installation. A container and pot garden can be found in a raised courtyard.


Return Water Damn

The proposed reconstruction and refurbishment of the existing earth dam was put forward by Schäffler's Landscaping and Rand Aid was immediately on board.  The dam at the bottom of the land allows for a sustainable irrigation solution and provides a scenic and environmentally sensitive area to start or end the day for residents. A bird hide has been introduced to further compliment the setting. The planting of indigenous trees and a grassland completes the design. 

It was suggested that the community food garden be upgraded to serve as a food source coupled with an educational information centre. The return water dam will provide the necessary irrigation needs for the food garden. 


Food & Veggie Garden

A  large food garden (5000m2) is currently being installed. This encompasses an Orchard to grow a wide range of fruit trees, citrus and vegetables. The garden will provide fresh produce to the Thembalami kitchen and community. The garden will serve as an educational space to tteach people in the surrounding communities how to maintain and grow their own produce.

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Thembalami Gallery