What’s Happing at Schäffler’s?

We’re constantly getting new stock in that suites the season and makes gardening easier for you! Have a look below to see what has arrived and hopefully we can inspire you to get your garden looking better than it ever has.

What to do in Dec?


Seedlings are an easy way to liven up any garden. For shady areas,  Impatiens, Begonia, Coleus, Hypoestes and New Guinea Impatiens are best. For sunny areas, Petunias, Portulaca, Salvias, Marigolds, Sunpatiens will do the trick.


Perennial plants are brilliant additions to many landscapes. While trees and shrubs may act as the structure of a garden, perennials provide the fillers. They are perfect for designing a permanent garden display because they last for longer than one season.. Most importantly, for many of us, there is something special about watching for the first spring shoots, buds and flowers appear through the soil. Perennial plants provide pollen, nectar, seeds and nesting material for birds and butterflies


Nothing fills a vacant space and minimizes garden maintenance like ground covers.  These plants can transform a dull space into a rich tapestry of leaf shapes, textures, and colours. They can spruce up challenging areas under trees, accent transitional locations along paths and foundations, and add visual interest to expansive sites. Plus, unlike turf, ground covers can provide a seasonal show of flowers, fruits, and colours.




Organic fertilizer is a must-have if you want to grow a flourishing herb and veggie garden this summer.

Don't forget about Water-Wise Succulents & Cacti


Why go water-wise? 

  • Large range available

  • Easy to maintain

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Low water needs and inexpensive

  • Highly sculptural and architectural

  • Suitable for containers and pavements


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