Large Home Landscaping

The architecture of the house dictated a contemporary “compartmentalized” landscape. Symmetrical, definitive borders define the space.  A terraced split level garden further provides definition and interest.   Stylized hedges of varying heights and colours emphasize the garden layout. Manicured open lawn areas complete the landscape. Evergreen and deciduous shade trees are under-planted with wild grasses, perennials and bulbs. 

Stylized Retainer Planters

Retaining walls were built to maximize the space and compliment the architecture. Indigenous evergreen trees planted to afford linear definition within the planting beds

Skyline Rooftop Garden (Water-wise)

A series of integrated boxed planters incorporating timber seating provide for a low maintenance water-wise garden. (no irrigation)

Raised Vegetable Garden

At Schaffler’s we believe that no garden is complete without a sustainable food garden. Lemon trees are under planted with a variety of herbs and vegetables continuosly supply fresh produce to the nearby kitchen.

Granadilla’s provide a backdrop against the boundary walls.


Large Home Landscaping
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